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Spotlight: Willoughby Square Park

Our Flagship project in Downtown Brooklyn

The garage will feature both conventional valet and automated parking components. The garage will serve over 3 Million Square feet of new development including City Point shopping center and thousands of residential units. 

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460 spaces

This project represents the largest automated parking garage in the United States.



189 Schermerhorn St

Brooklyn, NY

200 Spaces - Conventional Garage


450 E 83rd St


New York, NY

44 Spaces - Conventional Valet Garage


502 Waverly Ave

Brooklyn, NY

34 Spaces - Automated Valet Garage

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333 14th St


Brooklyn, NY

41 Spaces - Private Automated Valet Garage


Van Vorst.JPG

207 Van Vorst St

Jersey City, NJ

254 Spaces - Automated Valet Garage

Willoughby Square Park.png

Willoughby Square Park

Brooklyn, NY

460 Spaces - Automated Valet Garage

670 Pacific.jpg

670 Pacific St

Brooklyn, NY

86 Spaces - Conventional Valet Garage

80 DKLB.jpg


Brooklyn, NY

126 Spaces - Conventional Garage


Asset Management


123 Baxter

New York, NY

67 spaces - Automated Valet Garage

World Wide Plaza.jpg

World Wide Plaza

New York, NY

60 spaces - Automated Valet Garage

24th St..JPG

148 E 24th st

New York, NY

61 spaces - Automated Valet Garage

100 Wykoff.png

100 Wyckoff Ave

Brooklyn, NY 

55 spaces - Automated Valet Garage

Camden Grand Parc.png

Camden Grand Parc

Washington, DC

74 spaces - Automated Valet Garage